Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bowled Over

I am stuck in a rut. In an effort to try and increase my knitting "skills" I have been working on these little bowls that you knit and felt in the hot water wash. I have posted about this before. Anyway, it is now become somewhat of an obsession because I keep knitting them and felting them. I'm sure my electric bill is going to be shocking because I always, always wash in cold in order to be a bit more energy efficient. The problem is I'm not getting any better at my knitting. I keep blundering the same areas, causing this uneven look, especially at the bottom where you decrease the stitches. This last one was exceptionally ugly against my hopes I had in store for it.

The children are finding some uses for them though. My original idea was to make them into nesting bowls (per the pattern) and to have them in fall colors. Well, they are in fall colors but it didn't go as planned because they don't exactly nest as one would have hoped. Now, my life is such that when I find an interest I hit it full bore then tire of it and move on. I will blame it on some ADD tendencies. I have actually ran businesses with this sort of mindset which really doesn't work when one is running and owning a business. In my case it was my baking which had it's good years where I rode a high and then some low ones finally resulting in some serious burnout. That is another story. Have you heard of the book and blog called Cake Wrecks? Let's just say I can relate with some of the "mishaps!"

Since the bowls aren't really doing it, the kids are finding alternative methods for their use....

Princess Leia buns anyone?

Perhaps a Frisbee toss?

Anyone up for a game of Jenga - the Bowl Version?

Or, maybe something to bring for school show and tell?
At any rate maybe I will move on. I would LIKE to start a shawlette and a felt a coffee sleeve but who knows? But now I have to dash, I have a bowl I need to finish!

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