Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheaters Never Win and Winners Never Cheat

So said my husband when my son would try to "skate by" in a board game. I think the phrase is finally sticking. He no longer tries to pull a fast one. Now he just cries when he loses. How mature of him, he is 6 after all. :)

The kids are starting to take more and more tests at school. Jaimey had her first math test a couple days ago and did very well. Thankfully she didn't inherit my math genes. Same with my son. Something I will forever be grateful for. Just hope the momentum continues with them as they grow.

Got me to thinking of my school days and my test taking prowess. I had quite a method down. It was called cheating. Let's just say I basically cheated my way through 12 years of school. I don't recall trying to do it in college but I wouldn't be surprised. Now, I'm not proud of making the choice to cheat. It was an act of desperation because I rarely studied. I even cheated in Bible class for goodness sakes. I loved to read anything that WASN'T related to school so all my time that should have been spent on homework was spent on novels instead.

(A note to my children: If you ever read this blog, please ignore this post and don't ever do what I did or you will regret it. I love you, Mom.)

I remember in 8th grade propping my Bible up in my desk with the verses we were being tested on, positioned just so. That way I could open my desk an inch and have a full view of the answers.

I was very good at writing answers on my hand and very small areas on my desks.

I made a point of sitting next to the smartest girl in chemistry so I could cheat off her test. Hey, I passed!

I would bribe smarter students to give me the answers to math problems so I could pass the class.

I almost got caught. Once. In Biology a girl and I were trading answers (she was a cheater too) and our teacher saw us and called us out on it. As if things could get any worse I decided to cover myself and lie to her that I wasn't. The sad thing is this teacher believed me because I truly think she believed in me! I will always feel bad about that. I should have gotten kicked out - it was a private school, what a waste of tuition. I ended up passing because she agreed to let me work for extra credit outside of class.

It all began to catch up with me finally. Like the day my friend was absent for the chemistry test. Suddenly I was on my own and naturally, I flunked. .

These aren't my cliff notes for Cheating 101. It certainly isn't something I'm proud of! But, in honor of all things honest I'm baring my soul for the whole cyber world!

Two words: Don't Cheat :)

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  1. Seriously Jessica!!??? I NEVER would have guessed that! You crack me up baring your soul to all of us! Was it cathartic? :-) Ian likes to cheat at games too and the other night when the 4 of us were playing Hungry Hippo he had to be sent to his room for stealing marbles! I mean, they think we are blind? Anyway, he has started taking tests too and I, like you, am glad that he is going to be redeeming the family name by excelling in math. We are all a bunch of dummies over here! :-)


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