Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hive

I think I am my own worst critic and out of anyone that makes fun of me, I probably do it the best.
If I actually took myself seriously there would be no way in heck I would post this photo...

Obviously I have no pride left.

Honestly, the picture is being kind -for real! It truly was so much worse, at least to every one who saw me!
Some have been aware of my ongoing battle with hives since July. I finally gave up, and paid my co-pay to see my doctor about it who then referred me to an allergist. He did a series of tests and found some obsure allergies to some raw foods. It still didn't fully reveal the reason for all the hives and unfortunately is something I most likely will never know. Even worse news, it could be due to MY AGE and the fact that many women have decreased antibodies which can cause some sort of flare-up. I'm sure I'm not explaining it accurately but you get the idea. With increasing frequency the hives are flaring up every couple days and they seem to love my face most recently. It begins with a warm tingling pain and then you know it is coming. It is awesome when I'm in public which I have written about before. Yesterday it started when it got up in the eye area and as the day progressed it gradually worsened. Skip ahead a few hours and I'm in a full blown breakout to the point I couldn't close my mouth (see above picture) I was visiting my mom at the time and she forced me, I mean strongly "encouraged" me to get to the doctor or she was going to take to the ER.
Long story short my doctor got quite an eyeful and decided that it was possible the hives could affect my breathing and that would be a bummer. So, now I have an Epi-Pen, a self injectable anaphylatic device that keeps me from dying and a steroid and our favorite sleep aid, Benadryl.
My break outs seriously creep out Ray and the kids. How rude! I notice they have difficulty making eye contact with me and if I lean in to smooch any of them they turn just in time so I get their cheek instead. Nice!
Today we rolled out of bed and headed for Corvallis because Ray had some work to tend to down there and we went along to shop at Trader Joes. Again, I must have really wanted to go to Trader Joe's because even after 100mg of Benadryl my face was still somewhat swollen.
So here I am filling my shopping cart, happy as a clam when suddenly all the electricity goes out. I naively think it is a blown fuse or something. No, it affected the entire block. We were instructed to leave the store immediately. You have to be kidding me! The one time I get to Trader Joes and you are kicking me out? I don't think so! I considered just filling my bag and heading for the door but figured that wouldn't be the best example to my kids, so we just simply left. All my lovely things like chocolate and chocolate and chocolate were left in the cart. I was very sad.
On the way home (after a self pity lunch at Burgerville) the kids tell me "This feels like we are on vacation!" Um, excuse me? Vacation? As I posted on FB I didn't know if I should be very proud of my children for their great attitude or feel very sorry for them. Obviously they don't have a clue what a vacation looks like! I think I will choose to be sorry for them. It matches my mood perfectly today. At least it is raining!

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  1. I get random hives too!! They call my idiopathic, meaning arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown reason. They can't test me right now because I'm prego. So the week after Christmas me and the baby and most likely Tim will head to my doc to get tested properly. I get that warm tingle too, but mine start in my hands and go up my arms and then too my face. I hope you never have to get a shot of epinephrine, its rather bazaar especially when they make you take a super high does of benadryl at the same time. It is horrendous, I know how you feel and am so sorry you are suffering!


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