Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keeping Me Humble

I am really grateful I go to a women's only gym for several reasons. One, it doesn't matter how I look and second of all, I can get away with embarrassing mishaps such as yesterday without too much collateral damage.

I had a 10 am appt yesterday so I brought all my clean gear to change and freshen up after I had my work out. Thinking I was all set to go change I headed for the dressing room which is just beyond the circuit work out area. I heard a voice behind me say, "Um I think you dropped something." I turned around and of course the item I dropped was my faded out, once pink, cotton brief undies. I just stared at them praying they were the clean pair I brought (they were, oh the relief.)

I didn't know what to say so I just announced in way too loud of a voice (oops) "Those my dear, are my undies."

To which she answered, "Well have a good day anyway."

Bless her.

I really would have been horrified if it had been a man. Of course if it HAD been a guy I'm sure the undies would have been the non-clean pair! See, blessings in disguise :)

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