Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Tradition?

Last night we had 6 wonderful children around our table. Different circumstances in each family allowed for these kids to be with us and we had a terrific evening sharing halloween festivities. Because Ray and I aren't always the most rational of people we decided carving pumpkins with sharp knives and tools with children present sounded smart. Each of the children had previously picked out a pumpkin to be carved. We started the evening with a big taco feed and let the kids "build their own"

We then laid a big tarp out on the table along with fat markers so the kids could design their faces on their pumpkins. Ray and I got to work with carving which translates to Ray did all the carving while I watched. Hey, I had to take photos! But, you would be proud of me because I was elbow deep cleaning out the pumpkin innards.

The white pumpkins are the hardest to carve but have the coolest insides!

Rachel was the only one who actually enjoyed the feeling of pumpkin intestines on her hands. She really got a kick out of shoving them in our faces for close up views :)

The seeds.... oh the humanity....they were everywhere. Yes, I roasted them and subsequently made myself ill because I ate so many. Talk about a stomach ache.

Will's pumpkin is ready to light up the fall evening. We brought all of our pumpkins to the front porch, candles in place. Before long it smelled like roasting squash outside. We then topped off the evening with homemade brownies and apple cider. I think a new tradition has begun, one that I hope will continue as these kiddos get older. Meanwhile, I am still finding pumpkin seeds in the strangest of places!

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