Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode to Teachers

Teachers need a raise. A big one. A really big one. Today was my first morning working in Will's class as a reading tutor. Oh boy. Great kids, very busy kids, very talkative kids. So much so that poor Ms. Long has her hands very full keeping them in line. I had my hawkeye on Will and when I saw him actually put his finger up his nose I nearly passed out. Has the boy learned nothing? He then proceeded to wipe his finger on the floor before I could reach him with the kleenex. We will have a reminder discussion this evening about it. All I could think was, "Please let no one have seen that, please, please, please!!" Oh the horror. I apologize for writing this but as fellow mothers I know we have all seen some doozies.

Anyway, Ms. Long continued to go over some reading info as the class sat on the reading carpet. I observed while she was speaking and thought I heard but wasn't sure, the horrible word "fart" being mentioned. Now, I hate that word. I hate to even write it but in order to get the story correct I have to include it. Suddenly the word was followed by the fake noises that accompany such a term. Ms. Long with her ever present wisdom in such matters stopped the class and explained firmly how:

A. It is impolite
B. It's a very ugly word and she doesn't like it
C. It is very rude
D. It is very disruptive
E. It might be a word your parents let you use at home but it is not acceptable here in the classroom.

(I love, love this woman, by the way! She makes me want to have more children just so she can be their teacher!)

She followed it with a healthy threat of recess loss and phone calls to the parents of the offending students. Nice. I was impressed. She then seamlessly reentered her lesson on reading skills as if nothing had occurred.

Someone then raised their hand a couple minutes later, "Ms. Long, can we say 'gas' then since we can't say 'fart'?"

Sigh. I gained a new respect for Will's teacher today. I already had plenty but it just soared even more!

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