Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Hookey

Yesterday Ray turned 42 and for the first I can ever remember he actually took the day off from work. I was astounded, it just never happens. Like EVER! I was so excited because since he was off and the kids were at school we decided to play hookey! After kiddo drop off and gym work out we went and added back all the calories just burned at Word of Mouth Bistro which is a delightful restaurant. Delicious food and huge portions, right up Ray's alley. I think he was pretty happy when they brought out this heaping plate of chicken fried steak with homemade gravy and biscuits. He was the only person in the restaurant (I'm serious because I was looking) who did not need a to-go box. Those who know Ray understand this. He simply never has leftovers.

After we were done we headed over to Costco to drool over the flat screen TVs. I know, how materialistic of us but we have had the same tv for many years and anticipate/expect it's demise before long. Of course, we didn't buy and it was a liberating moment to walk out of Costco having paid nothing! I think it was my first time ever.

So, because we were totally milking the day we decided to go see a matinee. How wild are we?!
We had the entire theater to ourselves minus one other couple who also appeared to be playing hookey. We saw Inception with Leonardo DeCaprio and I was completely confused for the entire film.
Unfortunately, we ate too much popcorn so both of us got sick - how great. We were also late picking our children up from school because the movie hadn't ended yet and we wanted to see it finish! Total bad parenting move on our part but seriously you can't invest 2 hours into a movie without seeing the ending! What a waste of money!
Actually, the kids were thrilled we were late because they love hanging out in the office (whatever?)

So, the rest of the day was great. Gifts for Ray and singing from the Red Robin wait staff added to the fun. I loaded a bomb on Ray as part of his birthday gift by telling him I think it would be neat if we added to our family by adopting :) Course he loved the idea (not) and just advised me to choose someone from Red Robin to claim instead.

Happy Birthday Ray!

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