Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rax the Raccoon

Did I spell RACCOON correctly? I can't remember and it is bugging me. Lately we have been visited by little black and white masked fellows in our backyard. I have seen 2 of them, one fairly big and the other quite a bit smaller. We have 2 humongous trees in our backyard. I'm not lying when I say this, one of them is 200 years old. It is a Sequoia, it is so tall and the base on the thing is just enormous. If by some horrid chance it came down, our entire family plus most of the neighbors would be killed and our houses would be non descript. Of course, I pray that never happens! The arborist thinks it is safe. Anyway, I say that because having trees so huge encourages all manner of "wildlife" to hang out.

They make these funny little chipping sounds and they drive the dogs nuts. Yesterday I went outside to discover they found our dog food and ate all of it! There was a lot left too! Not only that but they tore the bag to shreds and left it, of course. Then they went over to the dog's water to "clean up" leaving filthy muddy water in it's place. Needless to say the dogs come in at night so I'm glad for that.

Yesterday I removed anything that might tempt the little critters and left nothing out that might tantalize them, such as dog food. Although, I wonder what they think of the composter?
I figured I had it pretty well secured and that was that.

Last night I made this new cornbread recipe from my Fine Cooking magazine. Unfortunately, it was quite dry and very bland. Bummer. Ray was fine with it though, the guy never complains about my cooking even when it is bad.

This morning when I came out to the kitchen I noticed a lot of the cornbread was missing. I thought to myself, "Good for Ray, he must have eaten cornbread for breakfast." He eats really weird things in the morning like meatloaf and mashed potatoes and cookies.

I get a text this afternoon from him. "Rax loved your cornbread." I'm thinking to myself that he brought some to an employee but who the heck was Rax? Then it dawned on me. He named the raccoon "Rax" and actually fed him MY CORNBREAD. OK, no bueno! As I understand, you do not give raccoons a food source, let alone people food! Second of all, Ray named him Rax. He named him!! Thirdly of all, he fed him MY CORNBREAD. I told him I thought that was pretty much a no no in the whole wildlife biology scheme of things. But apparently that thought didn't cross his mind since he also fed him some of my newly purchased organic apples and my homemade cookies.

I'm thinking we haven't seen the last of this little dude. Him and like 10,000 of his closest buddies.

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  1. My Mom & Dad have chickens that roam into their yard everyday. Its a mama and her chicks and so far everyday this week she is coming back with one less chick. My Mom is frantic trying to figure out what is killing them. Mind you these are wild chickens and she doesn't feed them, but some how she now loves them. I'm surprised she hasn't named them too! Good luck with Rax.


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