Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soup Swap

This is a fun idea and one I am looking forward to participating in. It is called a soup swap. My good friend from my knitting group came up with the idea and it is awesome. Our knitting group will each make a soup, enough to feed 5 other households, so a fairly big size pot is in order. We will then get together (in our case, Nov 4th) to exchange our soups. It is a beautiful way to celebrate fall because really, what captures the season more than a warm, filling bowl of soup?

Now we are an interesting bunch so we have some dietary restrictions in our soups. The guidelines are to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten, soy, and dairy free. While that may seem daunting to some let me just say there are plenty of soup recipes out there that meet all such guidelines AND they taste amazing. Now is the time to work with some legumes, fall roasted veggies and fresh herbs. Lots of lovely additions to brighten flavor. Seriously, the taste will in no way be compromised and just think of the health it is providing you and your family.

I think I am going to do my Split Pea Soup because it meets all the criteria and is lovely for the season. I like to use my organic thyme and sage from the garden plus bay leaf which I buy from Penzey Spices. If you have the chance to go, I would recommend it. They are located in the Pearl District in Portland. Some of their prices are amazing but of course, it depends on what you purchase.
Everyone has chosen some fun recipes so I'm excited to partake. How does Potato Leek Chowder sound? Or Lentil? Or perhaps Roasted Red Pepper Bisque?

Once we exchange our soups we then have the option of storing them in the freezer to pull out on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons or one of those frantic weekday evenings. Add a favorite bread option and you are set to go. Me likey!

I know I have mentioned this before but I will say it again. This group of knitters I meet with have become dear friends to me. Most of us have kids in the same school, we have a mutual love of wholesome, healthy, organic living and crafty goodness. We have very similar world views (do I dare say we are liberals? No offense to those who aren't)

I look forward to our Wednesday mornings together. Plus, our group has grown to 7 ladies now so it is great to share life with these women.

Just wait till the holidays! Our knitting "senseis" have a fantastic gift exchange planned. Yes, it involves yarn plus so much more!

Stay tuned! I think I will post the Split Pea Recipe when I make it.


  1. Hey friend! Did you know that next Sat. I'm hosting an online soup exchange? You could take a pic of your soup and then write up the recipe for a post and link it up to the party! It would be so fun to have you join in! :-)

  2. That sounds fun Vanessa! Thanks for the invite! Now I just have to figure out how to link up correctly - I'm terrible on that stuff! I'm gonna give it a shot though!


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