Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wax On Wax Off

The simplest of things can turn pretty funny when there are young kids involved. I have been suffering terribly with an ear ache that has steadily worsened over the past week. I will spare you the details but last night it seemed pretty obvious it was going to need some medical attention, especially since I could no longer hear out of my left ear and blood was coming out of it. Talk about aging! Because my doctor only works two days a week I jumped at the first appointment they offered. Unfortunately it was after the kids got out of school. I was also picking up Will's best little buddy which I was glad about because Will is a much happier boy when his buddy is with him.

I bribed the kids with some ice cream and that helped ease the fact they were going to a doctor's office. I kept reminding them that if anyone was getting a shot it was going to be me. I think it helped them feel a lot better!

Turns out I do have an infection, a nasty one. But, there were some other issues going on as well. Really fun "I'm turning 40" stuff. First off, an infected area right inside the ear, then the main infection inside the canal and finally a huge blockage of wax behind that.

Goodness, who really wants to know those details? When we were younger it was too embarrassing to admit any such distress. Apparently I have lost all sense of decorum. But, I want you to know my plight :) so I will press on.

Back up to the waiting room as I'm sitting with 3 kids and Jaimey is reading "Parenting" magazine. She holds up a page to me and says for all the world to hear, "Mama, don't you wear these?" Naturally the picture was the "Always PantyLiner" ad.

So the doctor thought it might be best to try and flush my ear to loosen and get out all the wax built up by having this infection. She told me it might hurt and I told her I understood. Oh. My. Word. Obviously I didn't fully understand. Oh the pain. I tried to make light of it with the kids there so that was pretty funny. They were all sitting in a row with huge eyes asking "Does it hurt? Does it hurt?" It took a really long time and all the water was soaking my shirt. Finally Will's buddy yelled out "She's gonna blow!" I think this must have made the most hilarious looking scene. Poor kids, I think I have traumatized them for life.

I drop Will's buddy off at home and bless his heart, he runs into the house yelling, "Dad, they were flushing all this wax out of Jessica's ears!" Well, Dad just about turned green over that little bit of news :) Trust me, that was the last thing he wanted to hear.

I'm so glad I'm making a positive impact in the lives of my friend's children. Oh the memories. I just hope they don't bill me for their future therapy!

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