Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Went To The Beach...And It Was Sunny

Today our family took a drive out to the Oregon Coast to meet Ray's brother and wife for lunch while they were here on vacation. True story, pouring rain at home, gorgeous and sunny at the beach. It all goes to prove that October is the best time to visit the Oregon Coast. It is a trade secret so guard it carefully and only tell a select few. We ate lunch at Mo's because it is just plain tradition and enjoyed the view from our table which was filled with kayakers in the bay.

Poor Jaimey was so beyond excited she was talking in riddles. Man, that little girl can spin circles around me. She kept writing in her journal, she absolutely loves the ocean. It was fun to see her love the beauty around her and appreciate God's creation. See for yourself how lovely the weather was and ignore the fact that one, Ray is wearing Jaimey's hat and two, he is wearing a Cal sweatshirt. Bless his heart.

My son. I know I will sound like every other cheesy parent out there, but this photo really melts my heart despite all of his whining, oh I mean "antics"
I appreciate this photo even more today though. I had a horrific nightmare about losing him last night. I woke up, extremely upset. I curled up next to my boy just to breathe in the scent of him. I was so grateful to be next to his sweet sleepy body. Usually all of our photos are of the kids. This picture is proof we were actually at the beach with our children as well! This was taken soon after I got bit by a dog. Finally. After all these years of dealing with strays in the U.S. and abroad I got bit on the beach by an australian shepherd. Yes, I cried because it really hurt and the owners weren't exactly apologetic over it. On a positive note, the dog was super cute. I think he really liked me deep down :)

This is how gorgeous the day was. A wedding of all things right on the beach in October. Check out all the flower girls in their black and white dresses. I snuck a photo because it looked so Ralph Laurenish. A fun fact for you though, the bride wore black. Please enlighten me. I will say the dress was very lovely.
Can't beat this view so until we come again this will be the reminder of what we left

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