Monday, October 4, 2010

When Plans Change

Yesterday I had a plan in place for Monday. Generally I like to use Monday and Tuesdays as my days to catch up on home chores, groceries, laundry and perhaps a project or two thrown in. This weekend I was pretty prepared because I knew this particular Monday was going to look different. I was to begin the morning with a work out at the gym, followed by a monthly community group coffee, followed by helping set up the house for some missionaries coming home on furlough from Ecuador. Well, it all went to pot when my daughter decided to get sick. Yesterday she started getting all sniffy/stuffy after church. She promptly put on her pjs when we got home, climbed into bed and then read while she listened to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle audio book.

Sundays are major down days at our house. We schedule absolutely nothing in hope for a quiet day at home. Yes, naps are involved. Easy dinner and family movie night follow. Well, for the first in like years Jaimey napped with me. We had the best cuddle and I treasured every moment she cozied up in her quilt. What bliss. However I knew at that point she wouldn't be heading to school tomorrow. So, my plans went awry and unfortunately had to cancel all my previous planned committments. All this to say, other things will take place like cute movies, books and cocoa with a little girl that needs some momma love today. I'm welcoming the time at home, even though Jaimey is sick. I hope I can be flexible when plans change in the future, I guess sometimes they are for the best.

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