Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As you know I am on a Christmas movie binge and yesterday I got 2 versions of "A Christmas Carol" in my Netflix delivery. I received the 1938 version and I also received the newest version featuring the voice talents of Jim Carrey. I think we can all admit, his vocal abilities are pretty much spectacular. However, I wasn't sure about the content scary wise because I had heard mixed reviews. When in doubt, I access this website at It just kind of helps give an idea to the content of the film and if it is really appropriate for kids. I was bummed to find out the scary factor was reported to be pretty extreme. We made the choice to hold off on it, much to the kid's disappointment. Jaimey said she would watch it "gleefully" but I know who would be getting up in the night to deal with her nightmares. So, how did they end up watching Shark Week on the Discovery channel??

In other news, this weekend has been a relaxing one, much to our delight. Yesterday morning I walked 4 plus miles with a group of friends. I came home to pick up Jaimey and we went to Starbucks for a girl's date then to the Heritage Faire at our Mission Mill Museum here in Salem. Talk about amazing! We had a lovely time enjoying all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Next, we headed to the library for 50 more books (no joke.) I was pleased to discover my book called "Knit the Season" by Kate Jacobs had arrived. If you have never read her books, I would encourage it. Just great reads all around. You can check out "My Library Thing" button over to the right of the screen, click on any book listed and then you can get a write up about it.

Moving on, yesterday I finally got my nerve up and ventured into the great wild terrain, otherwise know as our yard. Not a fun process. Did I mention I absolutely detest yard work? You don't want to come around because you may find me cursing under my breath over it. It feels like it doesn't matter how much you put into it, it is never enough. We have some big trees that obviously are losing their leaves, causing the big need for raking and pick up. I posted on FB yesterday how a leaf blower for Christmas would probably be the most romantic gift I could ever hope to receive. You think I'm joking.

This morning I got all domestic and made a Sunday brunch of egg and cheese casserole, cinnamon rolls (I admit, those were from Trader Joe's) and some homemade scones. I know, not the healthiest options but certainly fun in light of Thanksgiving week.

Christmas lights are going up today!

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  1. Love the Christmas look of your blog!! We (or should I say Dave and Toby) will be putting up the Christmas lights today too - can't miss the opportunity of a dry day.


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