Monday, November 8, 2010

The Classics

As days grow shorter and nights longer I find myself looking with anticipation towards the upcoming holidays. This year I want to embrace it longer so I have started playing Christmas music. I know I'm not alone on this! Every year I add to my collection of Christmas music. This year I added Frank Sinatra's Christmas Collection. May I just say it is the epitome of Christmas music? That and Bing, Dean, Ella, Louie, Nat and Peanuts of course!

Tonight we had a fire in the fireplace, baked potato "bar" for dinner and homemade Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The sky was all steely gray as dusk settled in. Ollie the cat perched himself near the fireplace while I tried (tried being the operative word) to figure out a new knitting project. All of the favorites of the season wrapped up in one evening.

In addition to the wonder and beauty of the holidays, I love and I mean love good holiday films. I keep a running list and then add on as I discover new ones.

So in honor of all things Christmas I will share my favorites (the classics being the absolute very best!)

White Christmas
Christmas in Conneticut (a must see with Barbara Stanwyck)
It's a Wonderful Life (duh!)
Peanuts Christmas
The Bells of St. Mary's
Christmas Carol (the original one with George C. Scott)
Rudolph (the original claymation)
Miracle on 34th Street (also the original one)

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