Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Have you noticed some many people have a purpose for their blog? Anywhere from design, cooking, crafting, faith based journeys, etsy sales? It seems every blog I read are full of creativity, new ideas and poignant thoughts from the authors. Well, sadly I am not one of those bloggers. Honestly there is no real purpose for this blog other than providing a log of memories, good and bad for my kids as they grow older. Oh, and I think it's fun. I'm sure it will be especially helpful to them when my kids eventually head to therapy. They can hand over my epistles of ramblings to their counselor and say, "See, this is why I'm so messed up!"
"Here is proof of my odd childhood!"

I guess I will change my blog name back to Traveling Mercies. I'm not trying to copy the wonderful, fabulous author Anne Lamott but I am a huge fan and I think her words are really profound. There has to be a lot of mercy and grace in order for our journeys to make a difference, yes?

Last night we had our tree decorating with minimal argument other than it was taking too long (Ray) and the fact he couldn't find the ornament hooks. We made some disgusting things with marshmallows. Ray's family had a tradition of making these puffed rice balls. They are severely unhealthy but heck for tradition's sake you have to oblige! The kids love it and I think Ray does too. Good childhood memories for him.

I know I promised "ghosts of Christmas past" so here are some that come to mind....

Our dog pulling the tree down (twice)

Anchoring our tree to the wall so it wouldn't fall (it still did, we finally just left it!)

Our dogs eating all the homemade gingerbread ornaments and strung popcorn

Once again our dogs chewing the legs off of Joe Montana and Troy Aikman Hallmark ornaments. I'm seeing a theme here.

The year we had a Charlie Brown tree (honest - you should have seen it, but it was ours!)

Various candy making tragedies (fudge, toffee and caramels)

Eating about 2 lbs of above ruined fudge when I was pregnant

Tree falling off the top of the car while driving

Having a mega fight while driving through the Keizer Christmas lights

Enduring an Amy Grant Christmas concert after having my leg shut in the door of a cab (thanks, Ray.)

Eating at a seriously creepy Denny's after above mentioned concert because nothing else was open

Being chased by a goose

Opening Christmas gifts on the floor of our newly purchased home because we had no furniture

Stepping in cat potty and tracking into house while bringing tree in.

Getting lights on the tree only to discover they didn't work

Smashed snow globe (my favorite, thanks Will)

Our small daughter spreading Desitin all over our video camera preventing us from capturing Christmas on film

Our daughter crying when she saw a Santa in the mall (she never has believed in the guy!)

Sending out thank you notes before our Christmas cards (oops)

I know there are plenty, plenty more so I will add them as I remember.


  1. Isn't that what makes the real memories?! :-) I remember one year that my dad got so mad at the tree stand that he threw it out the back door, went and got a metal bucket, stuck the tree in it, put some bricks around to support it and called it good! I can still see my mom trying to tuck her tree skirt around that bucket! LOL! But, those are the best moments and I think show the real side of life. I love your blog, Jessica and think the purpose of it, is to not only keep a record of your families life but to provide encouragement, support, evidence of a strong faith, a glimpse at a devoted wife and mom and huge doses of humor! You are a blessing to all who read your posts! :-) And, I just like to think of blogging as a free hobby!

  2. I love to read the life of a dear friend and sister..reading some of your past blogs..reminds me that my day wasnt as bad as yours.. here's to whatever your blog name may about these names? The Days of Jessica's life...or Peeping into Jessica's


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