Friday, November 5, 2010

May The Force Be With You

Halloween had a definite theme to it this year. It had something to do with Star and Wars. Enter Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. MY idols at the ripe old age of 7, who would think that my children would now be fascinated with the brother/sister duo? Talk about full circle. I have a confession to make. In the four years since we have lived in this house we have never "turned the light on" for trick or treaters. In our old home where we lived for 9 years we handed out candy one time! Yes, we are pathetic. Talk about being neighborly! We were right on track to continue in the same vein as the previous years. Our plan was to keep the house dark and hang out downstairs eating all the candy and watching Extreme Home Makeover.

We had a slight change of plans and it was a good thing. We actually had the opportunity to do something better for a change. Friends ended up coming over last minute, kids all got in their costumes and went out with the dads for some trick or treating, we lighted up our jack-o-lanterns and brought all the candy I had (which was a lot) and we started handing it out. Lots and lots of kids came, plenty of laughter and treats, a beautiful evening to be out, fire in the fireplace, toddlers dressed like Eeyore and Piglet, candy swaps and yes, corn dogs for the kids (never again on that one!)

Will as Luke Skywalker....
Our cute pumpkins (designed by 6 kids) ready to light up the evening with their quirky grins.
Yes, one of the pumpkins has 3 eyes and there is a little R2D2 posing in the corner as well.

Princess Leia in all her glory (cinnamon bun hair included)
Good memories made this year. I don't think we will hide downstairs in years to come, why miss out on all the fun?

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