Friday, November 5, 2010

On The Subject Of Death And Dying

I am in my pajamas and it is only 6:30 pm on a Friday evening. For me it is my comfort zone. Now all I need is a movie and candy. Oh wait, I just happen to have both! How convenient.

These past 2 weeks have been extremely sad and emotional as I witnessed dear friends say good bye to their amazing Mom. Remind me to never take my mother for granted. This had such an unexpected and tragic end, it is difficult to absorb, even more so for the family!

Yesterday was a beautiful service which provided the family an opportunity to share loving tributes about their Mom. Heartfelt prayers, memories, tears and thoughts were shared. I know their Mom is so proud of them. She was a dear woman and her family is a testament to how beautifully she invested in their lives.

Hence the heart feels sad so I am hunkering down and attempting to be at peace trying to remember MY wants and MY plans aren't necessarily the right ones, as much as I hate to admit it! :)

In the past 2 weeks since the accident some questions have been raised from my kids in regard to death and dying. While I don't relish the conversations, I know they deserve answers. I don't ever want them to be frightened but rather realize the peace and comfort we have as God's children.
The questions ranged from "Why do people have heastones?" to "Mama, what do you think Heaven looks like?"

I answered them as best as I could and mentally prepared myself for the onslaught of whys and hows that I figured would immediately follow. Much to my surprise they just seamlessly entered into a new conversation detailing the fact of how hungry they were (all while at the funeral.) I was still trying to catch up from the former conversation so I think I blindly offered them candy or some equally unhealthy snack.

So I supposed their curiosity is satisfied...for now anyway...until the next question comes up!

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