Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sarah and Bristol

Yesterday I posted on Facebook about my conversation with a woman at my gym. I have overheard her talking about her favorite show, Dancing with the Stars. She even texts her votes in and such - a very devoted fan. Every time I see her she is talking about it so that kind of lets you know she is pretty much addicted. I wonder what she will think of Dancing with the Stars on Ice!!

Anyway we were over at the stretching/cool down area and she engaged me in conversation by stating that I looked exactly like Bristol Palin. A bit mollified I started laughing at her and told I was going to take it as a compliment because Bristol is like 18, has a fantastic body and beautiful features. I on the other hand am almost 40, can't dance and birthed 2 babies. My body can prove it because now I'm getting spidery varicose veins on my legs, working on a fairly good muffin top and am battling grey hair,(thank you Ed for helping me with that part!) I was a bit out of breath after telling her all my secrets. But, she was very sweet about it and said that our heads and facial structure were very similar, especially with my hair pulled back. I'm sorry but even with that comment about our head sizes she totally made my day. I'm not a Palin clan fan but yesterday mystery gym woman rocked my world.

So the story gets better. I spoke with my Mom yesterday and we had a good laugh over what mystery gym woman said. Mom told me I wasn't going to believe this but the day PRIOR my grandma was at her doctor's office and her physician told her she looked like Sarah Palin! Is that awesome or what? Yes, I am proud to say my grandma is very beautiful and she looks extremely young. This photo is from the 80's and I will always love it of her and my grandpa.

So I guess there are some Palin look a likes out there, I can assure you that is where the resemblances end though. I can promise you we won't be doing any big game hunting or fishing any time soon!

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