Friday, November 19, 2010

The Stocking Tradition

The Cutie Clementine oranges are back again. Now my daughter can get her entire life's worth of vitamin c in the next few months! She eats them like candy.

It brings to mind a little tale back from when Ray and I were in our first year of marriage. We were renting a duplex and had decorated for our first Christmas being married. I remember going to Target and buying a nativity set for us. I just happened to put it up today, in fact. We had a tree that was way too big for our place and consequently broke a couple of saws trying to cut it down to size. Finally thinking it was a done deal, we brought the tree inside only to smell something horrible. Sadly, Ray had stepped in cat potty and then proceeded to track it in on the brand new carpet. Even now my gag reflex kinda kicks in when I think of it .

Christmas morning arrived and I had prepared a stocking for Ray. I had hung both of our stockings with care, on Christmas Eve anticipating the little treasures that would flow forth in abundance from my loving husband. Yeah whatever! Turns out Mr. Griffin forgot about the ol' Christmasy tradition and frantically tried to fill with odds and ends from the house on Christmas morning I remember I was furious about it because when I reached into my stocking I pulled out an old tangerine that had been forgotten in our fruit bowl! I think there was a banana in there too. Obviously "Santa" thought I had been especially bad that year or that I had a serious potassium and vitamin C deficiency.

Of course, to this day Ray has never lived it down. I refuse to let him and now 16 plus years later we have a great laugh about it. Since then he has continued to put a tangerine in my stocking as a reminder of our first Christmas stocking debacle. They have all been delicious tangerines and it is so funny, each year's fruit is always better than the last.

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