Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time Warp

I am in what you might call a "season warp." Apparently my house is also. What I mean is I am caught in some type of limbo between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My house will prove it. I am OK with that but I am getting confused. I am buying some Christmas gifts but I'm also buying Thanksgiving ingredients for dinner. I am making thankful trees while setting up my Nativity. I am hanging "Give Thanks" banners AND "Merry Christmas" banners at different spots in the house. I am watching Christmas movies but reading Thanksgiving books. Perhaps we can just sum it up by saying I have a serious case of "holiday spirit."

Our thankful tree was inspired by 2 blogs. Jen from and my friend Vanessa's sister at Check out their "recipe" for a great Thanksgiving tradition.

The day I decided to put it together was the day we had some of the kid's friends over. We had a great time of baking cookies, reading Thanksgiving books and finally, working on the Thanksgiving tree. Each of the 4 kids thought of things that are grateful for. Everything from grandmas to mice. Not to forget Jesus, toys and games! Super cute and super easy (although I make every craft incredibly hard.) I finally handed over the hanging of the leaves to Jaimey and she did a great job. Now it is up to look at and enjoy. Plus, if I'm feeling cranky (which is a lot of the time,) the tree can give some perspective. Sounds good anyway!

Ok, it isn't a work of art but you get the idea. I filled the vase with layers of popcorn and brown rice for a fallish look. Gee, aren't I all artsy :)
Step one room over and you will find one of my Nativity scenes. I got this set for 6 bucks at a local vintage shop. I'm wondering if I got a heck of a deal because the pieces look really old and they are made of ceramic. On the other hand, perhaps they were originally purchased for a buck at Dollar Tree and I got totally skunked.

Again, a bit more Christmas cheer in our dining area.

And now we head over for some Candy Cane Green Tea and some Bing to serenade me in the kitchen.

And now we are back to Thanksgiving again with some favorite books. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Mousekin's Thanksgiving, Little Bear's Thanksgiving and An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving.
I have my Thanksgiving decor on the porch for now but will be adding my fresh cedar garland to my railing this weekend along with picking up the Thanksgiving turkey at Whole Foods tomorrow.
One thing is for sure. Too much holiday spirit is like an oxymoron and there will be plenty more decorations making their appearance very soon. Maybe I will throw in some New Years stuff just to confuse the situation even more.
Merry Thanksgiving one and all!

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