Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm pretty proud of my daughter today. I got a call from the school secretary asking if I could bring a set of clean clothes for Jaimey to change into. Apparently her class played football in PE today and while attempting to catch the ball she fell into the mud. Yes, that is all well and good but DID SHE CATCH THE BALL?? Much to my pleasure she did. YES! So I brought her clean clothes, congratulated her on her catch (just wait till daddy hears!) and then whispered in her ear, "Were the boys trying to catch it too?" YES again! She beat the boys. Awwww, a girl after my own heart.

Which started this whole trail of thinking again of my antics when I was her age. I think it is just a well known fact that I was very tricky and mischievous as a youngster. I too, loved to play football (against boys) in grade school. I also liked to race against boys as well. When things weren't going my way however (aka losing), I would take measures into my own hands and try to disable them as quickly as possible. My favorite method was tripping followed by pushing and kicking them in their shins. I also snapped their underwear. I got caught once and it ended up being the boy that got in trouble, not me. See, I told you. I was not a very nice little girl and the boy's moms were none too pleased to see their sons come home with bruised shins. I also called them some dirty names, ones that I won't repeat here because they would shock you. At the time though I didn't know they were dirty words, so maybe I can get a little credit for that?

There are so many of my footsteps that I don't want my daughter to follow. I was glad to hear of her little success story today. It made me even happier to know she won it fair and square!

Unlike her mother at that age! My apologies to Adam, Drew, Bruce, Kevin and all the boys I harassed. I will never snap your underwear or kick your shins again, promise!

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  1. Girl Power! for the sports that boys that thought some sports were boy game was soccer at recess on the black asphalt


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