Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's On Your Table?

Days are moving quickly and before you know it we will be shoving food into the oven at a rapid pace in order to celebrate Thanksgiving. For the one cooking, Thanksgiving can be a heck of a lot of work with minimun reward. I say that because so many people end up filling their plate and eating quickly while their eyes are glued to the 80th football game of the day. Not, I'm not calling Ray out on this, although he does love Thanksgiving football! Don't you agree though that dinner is eaten very quickly when compared to all the work invested in preparing the meal?

Lately I have really enjoyed a more simplistic meal that isn't too overwhelming to make. Of course, it helps to do it in stages as well. I make my pies the day before and prep all my ingredients for my stuffing, etc.

I am ordering a 100% organic turkey from Whole Foods (a small one, given not too many meat eaters in our clan.)

I am making a homemade version of Green Bean Casserole (compliments of Martha Stewart.) I'm not a big follower of Martha but this is a very good recipe.

Ok, I admit it. I absoultely ADORE the canned Cranberry Jelly from Ocean Spray. I can't help it, I love it and yes it WILL be on the table this Thanksgiving (in a pretty glass bowl mind you!)

I am making stuffing using sourdough bread, mushrooms, onions, celery, fresh sage and thyme and vegetable broth. I love stuffing. Did I mention I love stuffing? I do.

Mashed potatoes (with lots of dairy - sour cream, butter and cream)

As for pies, I think I will make pumpkin with fresh whipped cream and apple.

That will do it for us. Plenty of carbs for a nice post meal nap and not too much work, thanks to the canned cranberries.

What will be on your table this year?


  1. so let me just clarify something. When I first came to this post the only thing that came up was the title. "what's on your table?" No actual words below, just the question. So, I leaned over and looked at my dinning room table and right now there is Christmas fabric all over it, so that is why I wrote fabric.

    We will be dinning at Tim's Nana's house. I am to bring garlic mashed potatoes, but I'm sure there will be a turkey, roast beef, green bean casserole, stuffing, salad, rolls and lots of pies for dessert.


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