Crafting Jessica Style

Yesterday, feeling crafty I decided to try a bit of wreath making. What a joke, I so wish I was gifted in this area but apparently I got left out on that one!

Sunset magazine had some cute ways to use your own backyard "fodder" to create basically a wreath that costs nothing. I already had a grapevine wreath from ages ago so that solved buying one. I took a "field trip" out to my yard (in the freezing rain, mind you) to try and score some vegetation. I came up with lots of rosemary, sequoia branches, some sort of red berry looking branch thingy and California Bay tree branches.

I brought everything in, surveyed my loot much like I would halloween candy (sorting it and such.) Next I just proceeded to shove everything in this way and that. Pretty comical to observe but I did the best I could. I hung it with some craft burlap twine I got in the dollar bin at Target. This won't end up in House Beautiful any time soon. Instead it resembles a bit like the whole Charlie Brown Christmas tree. See for yourself. Remember, it was FREE!

We had a little smattering of snow last night but the way the wind was blowing, it looked like a blizzard to me. It was fun to watch from inside and we enjoyed reading aloud some Christmas books I got from the library.

I had to take this photo of our neighbor's home across the way. Do you notice their palm tree out front? Looks interesting compared with the white landscape!

On to kid's school conferences and Costco (again!)


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