Thursday, December 9, 2010

Foreign Films And Egg FLower Soup

I have been in a funk lately. Being sick does that to me. I came down with some weird virus that hit me on the way home from Portland. It has me "riding the porcelain pony" if you know what I mean.

My energy was absolutely zapped so was grateful for 2 children in school so that I could rest. I hated to do it as I looked around at all the things I needed to take care of but I didn't have much choice. However, I discovered I was very culturally minded despite it all :)

May I suggest a tonic of sorts when having the stomach flu? Egg flower soup. Wow, that has some serious healing properties to it. Ray, bless that man, brought me some home yesterday with some steamed rice and it was amazingly comforting. While enjoying my soup I watched 2 foreign films, one in Italian and one in French. Breathtaking cinematography, in my humble, sick condition. They are new releases available through Netflix. One is called "I Am Love" and the other is "A Christmas Tale."

I also read an intense book about the severity of homelessness and another about a lawsuit involving a psychiatric hospital. You know, just for some light reading.

Well, back to the pony!

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