Forgotten Christmas Movies

As you know I have been listening to Christmas music since halloween day and scouring Netflix for Christmas films I may have inadvertently missed (perish the thought.)

Now, we know about the traditional films that will always ring true in our hearts. They are the must sees of the season and anyone who doesn't like them I consider to be either a heretic or a scrooge.

Over the past couple years I have been happy to find some of the forgotten films from years past that personally, I think are priceless and now they have joined my other must sees.

First off is "Christmas in Conneticut" with Barbara Stanwyck. DO NOT watch the 80's version featuring Kris Kristofferson. I think I threw up a little when I saw that version displayed as an actual option for Christmas viewing. I absolutely refuse to watch it. Stick with the original (from the 40's I believe.) Please!
The movie details a woman who authors a column about all things domestic. Unfortunately, she is everything BUT. She has her boss convinced so of course he invites himself to her non- existent home in the country to celebrate Christmas. He also thinks she is married. With a baby. Neither of which are true. So begins the tale.

A no brainer. "The Bishop's Wife." Watch the 1947 version with Cary Grant and leave the Whitney Houston one with those stuck in the early 90's.

A foreign film (with some English thrown in) called "Joyeux Noel." This is perfect if you are OK with being sad for a bit. It is about WW1 in which the French, Scottish and Germans are fighting at the line and they all come to an agreement to suspend fighting for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Instead, they JOIN forces to spend the day together knowing the next morning the fighting will resume. It is a sad movie but extremely poignant. No, it is not redeeming because we know what happens the day after Christmas. Now I am no history buff but I believe this event actually occurred.

"Christmas Story" is a Finnish film detailing a young orphan boy, aptly name Nicolous, who goes about serving a series foster families with gifting the children with Christmas gifts. Hmmm...remind you of anyone? :)

If you want to laugh at the absurdity of family drama around the holidays then check out the French film entitled "A Christmas Tale." It too, may bring reminders of past holiday experiences with the perpetual family black sheep. It is a bit slow moving and a bit angst filled but also fairly realistic in that not all Christmases involve roasting chestnuts around an open fire with those nearest and dearest.

So there you have it. A few non traditionals to spice up your Christmas viewing. Enjoy them for what it is worth. Make sure you have lots of blankets, cocoa and cookies and a fire if you have a fireplace.


  1. So you know that we think alike on many things, but I must disagree with your comment about leaving Whitney Houston's "The Preacher's Wife" in the 90's. It has some of the best gospel soundtracks/Christmas music on it. The movie may not have lived up to "The Bishops Wife", but that is definitely made up by the music!

    My movie recommendation to you is "March of the Wooden Soldiers", specifically the 1934 version with Laurel and Hardy.


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