My First Experience With "Zumba"

According to Wikipedia, Zumba is defined as a type of exercise that "combines Latin and International music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun." It borrows Latin moves from a variety of dance styles (salsa, merengue, etc) and incorporates it into a work out.

I had my first class this morning. I drug my rumply, post baby, 40 year old body to the gym somewhat excited despite my appearance. I joined several '60 and older' women. I was feeling pretty good when I saw my competition. I was thinking maybe I could school these older ladies in the finer arts of some Latin flavors. You know, because I am so experienced at that! :)

Then I saw the teacher and any previous notions I had were dashed. Wow, was she beautiful! And fit! And tanned! And toned! And had super cute workout gear! And had moves I've never seen! I looked around the room and I can honestly say we were all staring at her with rapt attention, mouths hanging open, shocked by her ability to move body parts that I didn't think were designed for moving.

Immediately I started stumbling, missing queues, tripping over myself and sweating up a storm but I really think I got my (cough) groove on, shall we say. Yep, I think those ladies were pretty impressed with my mad skills. I will tell you, I haven't seen that much life in a gym in a while though. It was like these women came alive because it was so refreshing from the doldrum workout we are so bored with, oh I mean, accustomed to.

So, huge kudos to my gym for kicking it up a notch. I will definitely be back for more even though it might be mean they have to take me home on a stretcher.


  1. You're funny! And I have no doubt about you mad skills on the Zumba floor :)


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