Oh Bring Us Figgy Pudding

We all know the famous phrase, "Oh bring us figgy pudding" from the carol "We wish you a Merry Christmas." While the British have lots of puddings and custards in their cuisine I will never understand the titles for them. For example, "Blood Pudding" and "Spotted Dick" really don't conjure up a pleasant thought in my mind much less whet my appetite.

After wondering what the scoop was with the Figgy Pudding tradition, I finally googled the darn thing in order to enlighten me.
According to Wikepedia, Figgy Pudding is a British style dessert that dates back to the 16th century. It was known to be served to carolers and was considered to be traditional Christmas fare.
Essentially Figgy Pudding is a spice cake-like souffle made with chopped figs and walnuts. There are a lot of variations used in cooking it such as boiled, steamed or fried I mean, really? Obviously something that can be cooked in that many ways should never, in my opinion, be eaten.

So I am still at my mom's helping her while she recovers from surgery. I was telling her about Figgy Pudding and much to my surprise she asked if I could make her some. I'm sorry you want me to what? My poor mom, in her heavily drug induced state she thought it actually sounded good.
This morning I asked her if she remembered asking me to make it and she does, vaguely. However, my subliminal message to her in the night must have worked because she told me it didn't sound that great after all.

In the odd, rare event you would like to actually create this monster, I highly recommend you access www.food.gather.com and search Figgy Pudding. There you will find a recipe of a milder sort that might be more appropriate for the newbie pudding eater. Better you than me.


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