Thursday, December 2, 2010

She Wants Her Ears WHAT?

I had my ears pierced when I was 5 years old. As I recall I didn't necessarily want them pierced. I just remember my dad hauling me into a shop called Bedazzled in the Sun Valley Mall one afternoon and a few minutes later I was screaming in pain. It wasn't a good experience for me and I became fast enemies with Bedazzled. Not long after my ears got infected and the earrings were stuck. That wasn't a pleasant experience either.

Several years back I decided I wanted more piercings so I had another set put in my ears and yes, I still cried. I have an extremely low pain tolderance!

Jaimey has always been of the mind that she would not be getting her ears pierced.


Until today.

Today everything changed.

Jaimey asked if she could have her ears pierced, much to my surprise. Of course, I then decided to exaggerate all the pain and agony she would have to endure if she chose to do that. However, she didn't fall for it. Rather she told me that so and so had it done and it would be best if we went to Claire's because they do the best job. I then came back with the reminder if we had them done she couldn't back out after they pierced 1 ear. She had to see the whole thing through.
She asked if we could talk about it at the dinner table with daddy since "the dinner table is the best place to have such conversations." So, we came up with an agreement. She needs to prove she can be responsible for taking care of them by starting with cleaning her room and keeping it clean. If Jaimey can achieve this (trust me, this will be huge if she does it) for 10 days AND educate herself on how to take care of her ears once they are pierced, she can have them done before Christmas.

Jaimey has agreed to the challenge so the line has been drawn. Let's see if she can do it.

I think Will summed it up best. He only had 1 statement for her regarding this whole thing. "Jaimey, basically this means your ears are going to become your pets since you have to take care of them like you would an animal."

Stay tuned.


  1. Goodness! Our girls grow up quickly. I just was talking to my daughter about this topic yesterday. She's only 7 and said she doesn't want them pierced. But I'm waiting for the announcement of her changing her mind soon.

    How old is your daughter? And how much time do I have to prepare?

  2. If you do it I recommend Jori Zan's. She's a real piercist with decades of experience and professional training. The infection rates are lower and they heal faster than the mall jewelry shops.


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