Those Darn Newfangled Machines

My beautiful fridge, which I love a little too much has bit the dust. Bear in mind, this refrigerator is only 4 years old. I adore it because not only does it look pretty nifty it also has some neat features to it (ice maker - BIG deal for us!) The bottom freezer isn't all that handy space wise but I can get over it.

Why did it choose to go out on Christmas Eve? Weird? Not!

Currently, anything worth saving food wise is sitting out on the back porch since it is mighty cold out. A blessing in disguise, although I'm sure the raccoons are lying in wait!

To the tune of several hundred dollars we should (hopefully) be able to get it fixed. Of course, the warranty has recently expired. The whole mother board has gone out. I can think of another word that starts with mother right now that I will refrain from using! Yes, I am really mad about this which accomplishes absolutely nothing!

In this past year we not only had the refrigerator, but also the dishwasher, furnace and washing machine go out. All of these are new installs and new products. I'm beginning to understand that new isn't always better (darn it all) and that perhaps our technology warped minds have pushed the envelope a bit when it comes to creating appliances. I NEVER had trouble with our past machines. They were extremely basic models but also extremely reliable!

It is quite possible I'm stuck in some sort of time warp and actually belong in an era from long ago where ice boxes, Sunday pot roast, and laundry drying on lines was a way of life. I think, in the long run, it may have caused me less stress (and money!)


  1. We had such problems with our fancy washing machine, that Maytag replaced it and we picked a basic machine without a computer. When our stove went out we paid $500 to get it fixed and I watched the guy the whole time. When it went out again the next year, I fixed it myself and saved $400!! When our fridge died, we were fortunate that it was the compressor which had a 5 year warranty and we only had 2 months left on it. We now pay for the extended warranty for appliances that come with motherboards. Good luck!! I would love a fridge with an ice maker.....someday!


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