Toothless Wonder

It turned into a pretty exciting night for Will last evening. He lost his front tooth. Right at dinner in the middle of inhaling spaghetti there it was, dangling in the breeze amidst noodles and sauce. I'm not sure how long it will be before I can eat spaghetti again.

We have a tradition in our house. Anytime Will or Jaimey loses a tooth, they get to pick the ice cream shop AND order as much as they want. Perhaps this is justification for me. If my kids can order whatever they want, then certainly I can as well! This time Will picked Dairy Queen and he chose a banana split. He ate the entire thing down to the last lick in the bowl. He made me very proud :) On another icky note, Will placed his tooth in a cup of water. Guess who came along and started drinking out of the glass? You got it! I am so very thankful I saw it in there before I drank the entire thing.


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