Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's On Your List?

What is everyone giving that special someone for Christmas? Boy, I'm struggling with it this year. I'm getting really confused. I discovered I purchased double for some people which requires a trip back to the store to return it. The other thing I am noticing is I am impulse buying for people, taking the gift home and thinking to myself that it is the worst gift I could possibly buy for that person. Off to the store again to return.

As a result, I am discovering the beauty of internet shopping. I have fallen in love with a website called Etsy. Some of my friends sell their products on it. It is a neat site that is incredibly creative. It features women's handmade, vintage finds, and crafted treasures. The wonderful thing is that all these amazing women entrepeneurs have a showcase for their art. In essence you are supporting these women when you purchase their products. How great is that?

Then, of course, I am trying to make some things. So funny, my knitting is definitely out of the running. I was hoping but my skill level really needs some polishing before I can consider giving any of it as a gift (except for white elephant!)

I'm close to getting everything done now in terms of gifts. My hope is to have everything finished ahead of time allowing me to enjoy the beauty of the season. It is a nice thought anyway and I'm pretty sure I said that last year as well.

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