Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogging In Dreamland

I haven't been blogging for a few days (yes, I know you missed me :) due to some illness in the family. The weird thing is I have been waking up the past three nights, only to discover myself blogging in my sleep. I wish I had a pad of paper and pen beside my bed. Some of the stuff I came up with was genius people!

Course now I have totally forgotten it.

Kiddo # 2 got very sick 2 days ago. But, I still needed to make a cake for a little girl's birthday party so I made this cake...neopolitan flavor with whipped cream filling. I was losing my gumption fairly quickly so I just decorated it with some simple princess candles (in between dosing my son with the whole ibuprofen/tylenol regime.)

The sad thing is I can't really remember making it because I felt very sleep deprived. All I know is, this is what it looked like when it was finished and apparently I made it (or someone did) because I have this photo. Oh heck, did I remember the sugar???

I always feel so bad when one of my little critters take ill. Just went through it with Jaimey and then Will picked it up, but much worse. I always get nervous by the hot cheeks, glassy eyes and incoherent babblings, such as, "Mom, there are lots of fish swimming on the floor."

Once again, I was faced with the whole "let him rest while I do chores" decision. This time the decision came a lot easier, perhaps because he was so much sicker. At any rate, Will wanted to snuggle with me and so I did...and promptly passed out for 2 hours while he dozed and watched a program. 2 hours! Then, because it was so easy and all Will wanted to do was cuddle, I read like 2 books and ate terrible things. Yes, Cheetos and Twix bars were involved.

Today we are slowly making progress as the fever comes and goes. Anyway, today I made cookies for a going away party and I let the kids take some dough and bake their own little cake. They felt well enough (suddenly) to decorate them and celebrate their stuffed animal's birthdays.

Yes, this is at 1pm and both are still in pajamas (in fact, they have been in them all day.) They are so exhausted but enjoyed a little activity.

Now I'm tempting them with the original version of the movie, "Cheaper by the Dozen." No doubt they will request an early bedtime! Oh, and good news...Will's fever has returned :(

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