Monday, January 31, 2011

Classic Adam And Eve

Every other Monday evening we have some close family friends over. Usually I will have a plan in place for a meal since we include sharing dinner together as part of our evening.

Why of all days did Ray come home and "fix himself lunch?"

Now I can't really blame him because I hadn't told him NOT to eat it, but with all the other suggestions that were given him, I really thought I was in the clear. But still, it reminded me of a classic Adam and Eve moment. God saying, "Hey, you are welcome to all this food, only don't touch that food." In this case, nice little chicken breast strips.

I was making a non-kid friendly meal because it had the potential to be spicy. So, I had planned on some nice little chicken breast strips and noodles for the children.

Guess who ate all the nice little chicken breast strips for lunch?

End result was an interesting dinner for the kids, to say the least.

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