Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For The Record, I'm Not A Palestinian...At Least I Don't Think So

My mom had a 2nd knee replacement surgery 5 weeks ago. It has been a hellish ride and one that has really taken a toll on her. Anyone with knowledge of such a procedure knows it isn't for the faint of heart. She has endured some tremendous pain and lots of adversity during the so called "healing" process.

She has weaned herself off of her pain meds which I applaud her for. I wouldn't be so brave. However, in the process she has come up with some great one liners that I credit above mentioned pain meds for. Oxycontin, thanks for all the laughs! I owe you!

The only thing that concerns me is what she told me today since she wasn't on anything, so I think it is just residual effects :)

I picked her up for therapy and it was very cold out so I was bundled up in this scarf I have. My mom was very complimentary about it and said how much she loved the way I wrapped it around my neck and how I "looked just like a Palestinian!" She went on to chat about the beautiful fabrics Middle Eastern women wear and again, based on my appearance, I really resembled some of the women from that region.

What the what?

OK, first of all I don't think I could get any paler so if skin tone is involved with being Middle Eastern then I'm like from Norway or something.

Second of all, the scarf was cheaply made in China, sold to Target and then repurposed at Goodwill (which I got with the tags still on!)

"Mom, are you POSITIVELY SURE you didn't take a pain med or any other med for that matter this morning?"

It has gotten to a point where I am jotting her little commentaries down because they really crack me up and then I can make fun of my mom by blogging about her.

Today I once again jotted a note to myself and simply wrote "Palestinian." Underneath that I wrote the following based on ANOTHER one liner she had told me that I didn't want to forget. It said,

"Police crime scene tape wrapped around the building, followed by Adios." Basically she was 'explaining' how some people must feel when they leave work after a horrible day.

I looked at my note and decided that if I were pulled over I would probably be accused of planning an act of terrorism so I freaked out and tore up the note.

I can only imagine the terrible misperception someone might have, all because I decided to record my mother's pain med - induced musings!

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