Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is a good thing our pets are so patient with us...otherwise they might pack up and move out.

Buddy only wishing he could tear into Will's present. Oh the agony of having paper just ready to rip into. So close, yet so far....

16 year old Lady posing for Christmas
I think she is eyeing the box of Christmas chocolates we received.

And finally, little Winnie posing in a mug...she has a thing with cups and mugs. She wants to crawl inside them, I'm not sure if the close quarters of the sides make her feel cozy or if she is just odd. At any rate, I had to take a photo of her. Don't worry, we used a different mug when it was time to pour cocoa.
Because of all our pets, it becomes a constant chore to keep up after them and for some reason, I'm the one who seems to do the chores. Hmmmm....obviously something needs to change here.
I was thinking it might be easier to deal with dog hair by just vaccuming the dogs themselves, rather than everywhere else. Kind of like going straight to the source. I'm not sure what they would think of it but I'm getting desperate. I keep them in a lot more because they are just so old. Practically a breeze and poor Lady about falls over. Buddy is just becoming plain incontinent.
Heck, that sounds an awful lot like me!

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