Tuesday, January 18, 2011

McMenamins - Edgefield Homepage

McMenamins - Edgefield Homepage

This is where I will be for an overnight trip starting tomorrow. Ray's district has their holiday party AFTER the holidays and therefore will be treating 20 people plus their besties to this amazing, beautiful venue. January never looked so good.

My priorities...

Find their espresso bar

Book the first opening available in the spa

Jump up and down on the comfy bed

Sleuth out the cool gift shop

Soak in their salt water soaking pools - oh forget it, no way am I donning a bathing suit in January, much less ANY time of the year

Wave at Ray if I pass him in the halls cause let's face it, I am on a schedule and I have an agenda!

Eat at one, maybe two of McMenamin's restaurants

Find one of the pubs due to the following below,

Attend some sort of company gathering, which apparently includes Karaoke. I can hear the tune of "You should be dancing" by the BeeGees already.

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