Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mid Week Day Off

After my karaoke extravaganza the evening prior, Ray and I were pretty exhausted from all the festivities. We enjoyed a fantastic breakfast at McMenamin's before heading out for a few hours to downtown Portland. I have a couple of favorite haunts that I love to frequent when I'm in town. One, of course, is a place in which I can indulge in my love for all things coffee.

"Barista" is located in the Pearl District and it is everything one could hope for if you appreciate organic, fair trade, Central American coffee. These guys know how to make one mean brew, and the tip jar proves it! Wow!

1 block away you will find a very eclectic store called, "Cargo."
This store has some really fun stuff. There are a lot of Asian influenced products and then a bunch of quirky, vintage treasures as well.
I got a kick out of this huge box, chock full of Majong tiles. I kinda wanted to jump into it and swim around!
When I mentioned quirky, I wasn't exaggerating. Check out this "Tongue Scraper" designed to freshen breath, all for the low, low price of 3.50. My question was, where in the world do you put it when you are done using it? I guess next to your toothbrush or in your glove box??

I am a lover of all things signs. I love numbers, quotes, letters, you name it. So, I loved these number and speed signs featured.
If it were up to me, the walls in my entire house would probably consist of way too many signs!
Will's room has a wall devoted to various "W"s. It is a little manic of me. Fortunately, Ray sees my tendencies so it helps keep me in check!

Just some funsies to look at. The shop is huge and contains so much eye candy. You need to plan on staying a while to take it all in.
I think the most interesting subject in the shop was the elderly woman way in the back, singing as she swept floors. Possibly the owner's mother? At any rate, she added an additional element to the shop that only served to increase the individuality of the place.
Welcome to Portland!

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