New Year's Eve

We enjoyed New Year's Eve with a few friends. We shared a lot of laughs. Apparently I talked and laughed way too much because this morning my mouth hurts from laughing so hard.

We all love movies and certain TV shows so of course the imitations came out in full force. Who would think Steve could imitate Elaine from the show, Seinfeld? He had her 'dance' down to a science. I will spare you our rendition of the Kenny Rogers song, "Lady."
Steve is really feeling the groove here....I love his willingness to be so uninhibited :) Do you see the passion in his movement here? He is totally feeling the moment (hehehe)

And then there was Dave imitating several characters from the movie, Napolean Dynamite. The guy is pure genius. Pure genius, I tell you. Kids had an awesome time together leaving the adults plenty of space to tell questionable jokes and make fun of Ray, who has laryngitis. He was such an easy prey not being able to talk and all.
Later in the evening we made some hot dulce de leche drinks with a wee bit o' kahlua and whipped cream and welcomed the New Year in full regalia. The kids were way louder than the adults, by far! I'm sure the entire block heard us.
After everyone had gone home the kids and Ray and I had our own little toast together. Jaimey proposed a toast to Sophie, her lovely little rat who passed away last August. Will was grateful for all the fun he enjoyed last year with his legos. His resolution? Not to get mad whenever he does have trouble building his legos.
Ray got very emotional - his hope for the new year? The Ducks will win the National Championship. Wow, he is so deep!
As for me? I am grateful. For so many things, mainly that the refrigerator is fixed and that our dog didn't throw up over the ENTIRE bed after ingesting all the eggs he got into :(
Oh and I'm also grateful for health, happy kids, faith, a roof over our heads, lovely friends and family, income, food, working vehicles, prescription coverage :) humor and the beauty of Oregon. The list goes on but you get the idea!


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