Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Practice What I Preach

Today my daughter is home sick with a fever. She is cuddled up in her bed, listening to her books on CD while quietly conversing with her little pet rat. Poor kid.

This day could go one of two ways. I could use the opportunity to get chores done since I'm home for once OR I could take the opportunity to chill out with my little girl watching a movie together, reading or even napping together.

Seems like an easy decision, right? How often for us women though to choose the former since we carry so much pressure to hold everything together. I know I'm guilty of trying to take every free moment to get something done around the house in an effort to keep "caught up", whatever that means!

When are we going to cut ourselves some slack and embrace the time we have been given? Is it really going to require a sick kid to make me just stop and go with the change in the day? After all, the house cleaning will always be there. Our children, however will one day fly the coop and no longer need us or our time as they once did.

Maybe I will actually put what I'm writing into practice today!

Right after I'm done with that load of laundry....

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  1. Great blog Jess, thanks for the reminder! Our own kiddos are almost old enough to fly the coop and when they're sick they certainly don't want to cuddle like they did when they were little. I'd forgotten about it with the busy-ness of this crazy life. That's definitely one of things I miss about them being small, they don't need or necessarily want us around as much. I guess that's a part of ALL of us 'growing up'?


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