Project 365

Have you heard of this year long project? It is where you take a photo of yourself or whatever you choose every day for 1 year. You post the photos either in a flickr program, picaso or whatever "sharing photo" program that makes you happy. At the end of the year you basically have your own year in review. I know one person doing it as a calendar style, another as a little book, or some on their blog (like me.) Anyway, prepare yourself for some seriously bad and boring photography. Should be fun though. However, since I know myself very well I'm sure I will bag it after a week.

Jan 1, 2011 - exhausted after a late New Year's Eve the night prior.

Jan 2, 2011 - still exhausted. I notice I need my eyebrows waxed again and probably some botox while I'm at it.
Also, I am applying for an employment position and here are my criminal and applicant release forms. Uh Oh!
Today is the official end of winter break and I am VERY sad about it. Yes, it means the children will be back in school and the routine will be back in full swing. But, what is fun about that? We are going back to smelly lunch boxes and unknown crud collecting at the bottom of the backpacks. Lost library books and homework will abound plus grumpy attitudes from 2 young kids getting up early. The spontaneity and relaxed schedule has indeed ended.

Whether we want it here or not, 2011 has come for an extended visit.


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