Sunday, January 23, 2011

Texting Can Save Your Marriage

I remember a few months after Ray and I were married, I was talking on the phone with my grandma and she was asking how things were going in my new journey with the "M" word. I remember I told her that Ray and I had excellent communication skills! HAHAHAHA! Famous last words!

OK, I will just lay it out here and admit that yes, it is not uncommon for Ray and I to text each other while we are both in the same house. I will also admit it may possibly have occurred when each of us were in our respective bathrooms as well. Over the years it has just gotten easier, mainly because we live in a 2 story house and we are just plain lazy if we happen to be on separate floors. Plus, it allows us to multi-task! We can text WHILE we are watching our TV shows. It works perfect at the coffeehouses we like. We can people watch yet STILL have a coffee date thanks to our phones!

Texting can totally save you if you want to have a conversation about your kids and they happen to be within ear shot. We have planned many a surprise (and disciplinary action!) for our kids thanks to text messaging.

Texting can also be nice because you don't have to put up with any negative body language you might see if you were actually talking face to face! During an argument, answers tend to be short and sweet because otherwise your fingers just get too tired.

Another thing I have noticed, it can really get you off the hook when given an ultimatum via message.

For example,

"Why are we getting charged a 15.00 fee from Blockbuster, you did return the games from 2 weeks ago, didn't you?"

No answer.

Next scene to unfold at the Griffin house...

"Why didn't you respond to my message earlier?"

"Oh wow I'm so sorry, I think the battery on my phone died today."

By then you have forgotten what you texted about in the first place. For the receiver of the original text all I have to say is, Mission.Accomplished.

Texting can also provide opportunities to share secret jokes, especially when you are making fun of someone within the group you are currently socializing with. It can also provide an opportunity for the spouse to make fun of his/her partner with a friend while in the presence of his/her partner. Trust me on this.

It is great for bookkeeping. I always know when I haven't paid my phone bill when my texts to Ray return to me as unsent. Talk about an e-reminder! My phone company knows it works like a charm for me every single month when it happens.
Maybe next post I will share how much we have learned about each other through this weird social network system called Facebook - apparently Ray is going to Ecuador :)

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