Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheating On My Gym

I have been doing an exercise program called Zumba for almost 2 months now and I love it.  However  I discovered tonight that the class I have been attending is a bit more, shall we say, toned down.  I love my instructor and she shared with the class a tidbit of what she teaches at a high intensity level at another gym.  I wanted it, I craved it, but I also realized it could potentially cause me to pass out.

So I went with my friend to the 'other' gym, (yes I committed gym adultery) and attended her class.  It was so awesome because my teacher has killer music and I can get my freak on which is a very big bummer for the rest of the class.  However, I nearly croaked.  Not sure I've ever seen my face that red before!

My passing out fear had the potential to become a reality as I saw my water supply quickly dwindling in my sweat induced state.  I can't believe it but I actually was spitting when I would try to get air, plus I fogged up my car windows on the way home because I was panting so hard! 

I was really grateful for my friend's advice, only wear black work out pants!  Read my friend's blog to find out why!  Be sure and read her posts on boot camp!  They will forever change how you look at exercise!


  1. I'm curious, which gym has the more intense Zumba?

  2. hahahahahahahahaha....Ha...ha...ha...I love hearing about your gym exploits! Let that freak flag fly Jessica


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