Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Creepy Mom Or Cool Mom?

Today I became one of those creepy moms that bring the family pet to school for show and tell. Today Winnie the Rat had her "coming out party" to the 1st and 3rd graders. The fact that she rode in my jacket collar was beside the point. The fact that I held Winnie up and waved with her paw to the students was also beside the point. And the fact that she nibbled on a valentine cupcake was definitely beside the point!

The fact that Jaimey laughingly declared me "weird" when I spoke in my best Winnie the Rat voice however, gave me pause...

I embarrassed my daughter! 


I know for all of us the answer is pretty simple. Regular moms don't go to their kid's school, rat hidden in coat collar and talk in animalese any ol' day of the week.  Don't get me wrong, the kids had been BEGGING me to bring Winnie and the teachers were all for it. 

I admit, I did get a a bit Jack Hannah there for a minute as I did my whole song and dance, something I don't think my kids were actually planning on. 

Perhaps that prompted the whole "weird" comment.  I don't care, I think I'm going to change my whole creepy mom title to cool mom!  Truly, you have to be cool in order to do what I did today :)

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