Thursday, February 17, 2011

Future Generations

My kids have been rattling my cage this week, only this time it has been in a good and funny way.  Yesterday I noticed Will had taken off his shirt after school and was walking around the house bare chested.  I asked him if he was too warm or what was up.

He told me that he wanted to keep his shirt off and walk around the house so he could be like daddy.  I love the impressions Ray and I are leaving on our children.  We strongly believe in building traditions that will carry on to future generations :)

Then Will proceeded to tell me that he was growing up because he could feel little hairs in his armpits.  Of course, he wanted me to 'feel' them.  I'm not sure what gave him the idea hair was growing there.  Perhaps he has seen my unshaven pits one too many times?

At dinner tonight Jaimey told us that when she had kids she wouldn't make them eat salad like we do at our table.  Instead she would feed them Cheerios and Nutella.  Then she backtracked by telling us she didn't want kids or a husband, just a house on the top of a hill with a fat cat named Garfield.

Can anyone say 'Crazy cat lady?"   

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