Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Good Morning?

Wow, what a morning.  I wish I could say it was a good morning!  I guess Will got the idea in his head that he didn't want to go to school.  To say he was stubborn doesn't begin to cover it.  More like tears and foot planting.

A little background to his reason for not wanting to attend.  Will has an iris nevus in his eye which is a type of pigmentation that affects the color.  Long story short, he basically has one blue eye and one brown eye, kinda like an Australian Shepherd :)  So far, all he has received are glowing compliments and that it 'looks cool.'

Will claimed that 2 boys (who I admit, are neer` do wells) teased him about his eye color, citing that he looked 'creepy' so Will took the "I'm scared and everyone is mean" stance.

Suffice to say, once he finally made it into the classroom, things spiraled downhill and before long he was seen running off down the halls to the nearest exit!

His teacher was AMAZING.  I can't say enough and she addressed his situation with such kindness and grace.  It meant the world.  The great thing is she made him feel better, encouraged, and ready to start the day.  She also was going to have a conversation with the offenders.

All I can say is there will be 2 less students invited to Will's birthday party :)


  1. I can't stand it when kids pick on other kids! My Mom once told a girl who kept hitting my niece, well she actually whispered into her ear. That if she hit her one more time she was going down. My Mom left the interpretation of "going down" up to the girl, but she didn't hit her again. My brother and his wife were kinda weak about the whole situation but, my Mom took care of it.

  2. That is great Christy - yay for your mom :)

    Well, this plot thickens. I guess the boys teased him back in December and Will just now remembered. Awesome.


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