Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Know What I Said

I know what I said yesterday about embarrassing Will in front of others, but people I can't resist this one.

I'm sure one day he will thank me?

He is feeling much better so I am starting to see his goofy humor returning.

This morning while getting himself dressed he told me that his "dinky" was teleporting. To China, of all places.

Not sure if that is from remnants of his fever or what, but it gave me a good laugh. You just can't make that stuff up.


  1. LOLOLOL!!!! Will and Ian sound a lot alike! Ian told us once that he noticed that his pee pee seemed to stand up the most when he was thinking about a funny joke...ummmm...what are you supposed to say to that??? :-) Ahhh, boys!
    I read yesterday's post too and just gotta tell you that I need to use my filter more often too. I think we just like to talk so much that it is hard to know when to draw that line! :-)
    P.S. Christy Lowry and I were just talking about how hilarious we think you are!

  2. We do, we talk about you when we pick up our kids from school. I missed the Karaoke post and had to go back and read it and just laughed. I also really like the texting one.
    Oh and I'm sorry I just walked by you at hearts at home, I was late picking up Lincoln.


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