The Incident Report

After all my props for Zumba, something was bound to go wrong.  It wasn't a bad thing, just quite humbling and embarrassing wrapped into one.

I was at class this morning and much to my discredit, mentally making fun of an elderly woman. Before you hate me too much let me say she was really getting into her workout by gyrating her bottom in such a way that was, well, disturbing. Yes, it was comical but certainly not right for me to poke fun, especially after what happened next.

That was about the moment we switched to lunges and I fell on my arse, backwards, landing with a resounding thack against the wall.  The class halted while kind people asked if I was OK but I was thinking how timely my fall was :)

Per gym protocol I had to fill out an incident report with one of the trainers.  I'm used to it by now, it's  my third one I have on file.

That gives you an idea of my severe clumsiness...


  1. Once again, I love it when you make fun of yourself! Not because you deserve it but because I. Have. Been. There. Props for even going to the gym. I avoid them because they can't afford the insurance needed to let me through the door.


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