Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Deal Of The Century

I love a good deal and I rarely find one.  I'm the person that thinks I'm doing a great job clipping coupons only to turn them in at the check out and discover they have expired. 

Most of my house decor is repurposed stuff.  Goodwill has always been my interior designer.  Plus, when I get tired of something, I just give it back to them.  So when I checked GW yesterday I was surprised to find a large beat up coffee table that was very sturdy.  I looked at the price and found it was only 4.99 on clearance.
I actually was too lazy to haul it out from underneath the rubble and carry it up front. So, I passed on it.  I got halfway up front only to stop and ask myself if I was completely nuts.   

First of all, we need a coffee table downstairs in our family room.  Second of all it was a project I could actually do and heck it was 4.99!

Turns out buying furniture at GW is super easy, they do all the work for you.  All the table needed was a good cleaning and some paint.  That is unless one is really creative and can get all down and kitschy with it.

After cleaning, I used 1 can of flat black spray paint and called it good.  Voila, new coffee table downstairs.  Now Ray can actually put his coffee ON the table instead of the floor which has caused numerous spills.  Grrrrrr!

You can see the Buy Local sign on the table there.  This was a result of some freecycling I did behind Whole Foods Market.  Now this was BEFORE I heard Monsanto bought them out so I am still reeling from that news.  That is another post for another time, don't get me started!  Ray still thinks I stole the sign but heck, I think I did them a favor.  One less thing to haul away.

Anyway, I want to hang it somewhere so not sure where the sign will end up.  Right now it is acting as one big coaster!


  1. Way to go on the deal my friend! It is just beautiful and I think I see a thriftin' trip together in our future! :-)

  2. I will take that as a huge compliment Vanessa :)

    Thank you!


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