Monday, February 28, 2011

My Lips Are Sealed

I had a wonderful overnight beach trip with some lovely ladies.  Many I already knew and some I didn't,  which was great because I was able to meet some amazing people.

I'm not going to share too much of our fun time because I believe in the sanctity of  "What happens at the beach, stays at the beach."  I need to protect the innocent.  :)

We experienced such a wonderful assortment of foods ~ total cuisine fusion going on.  Lemon Indian rice, Cuban Black Beans, wonderful dips and spreads, homemade hummus, a fresh veggie quinoa salad, great coffee, dark chocolate, lemon cupcakes, sonoran veggie enchiladas, and cheetos....lots and lots of cheetos.  In fact, so many cheetos I may be cured of my cheeto addiction for a couple days at the most.

We had a fabulous beach house in which we knit, danced, chatted, shared parenting and marriage stories and enjoyed some wonderful Dreamsicle cocktails.  We also enjoyed cheetos.  Oh wait, I already mentioned those.  

However, we became tired quite quickly.  All of us were thinking it must be AT LEAST midnight.  Oh my, we are getting old.  It was 9 pm.  We showed that clock however and made it to 9:30.  OK, maybe later than that.

Anyway, great times with women I really respect and admire.  Beautiful moms and beautiful individuals.

Can't wait for our next adventure....

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