Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Changing Bodies

My daughter is a reading freak fanatic!  She loves it so much that she can devour a book in mere moments, seems that to me anyway.  I'm actually feeling like the library is running out of options.

Last weekend she spent the day with friends and they were browsing in Borders, in the kid's section (one of her favorite places.)  Apparently Jaimey found a book, I think it was by American Girls.  The book was about how young girls grow, upcoming changes in their bodies, hygiene, etc.  You know the drill.

My friend told her the book might be a bit old for her so Jaimey put it back.  However, she certainly didn't forget what she had read.

That evening we were chatting about her day and she mentioned the book she had looked through.

"Mama, it had stuff about bras in it."  So, we talked about it.  I really believe in being open and honest with her about such matters, in a polite way of course.  We had plenty of discussions before about it so it wasn't like a big deal.

However, it was the next question that cracked me up....

"Ok Mom, so what are tampoons?" 

Alrighty then.


  1. Oh my goodness Jessica! Do you remember "Dear God, it's me Margaret"? That was like, THE book back in the day! LOL! My sister recently had a hysterical conversation with her daughter about tampons that you will have to remind me to tell you about next time I see you. Ohh...don't you just want time to stop for awhile? It's like they are on the brink of the next stage and you know that it comes with so much stuff...loss of innocence over some things, more awareness of pain and suffering. Ugh! On a lighter note, my hubby came across some tampons one day when he was about 5 and thought they would make the perfect torpedos for his GI Joes to play with! He will love knowing that you know this! :-)

  2. I know exactly which book your talking about - The Care and Keeping of You, The Body Book for Girls. I've been told by many friends that it's a good reference book for young girls and a great place to start for some of those difficult discussions. I've been thinking about getting it for Julia.

    Julia and I have been talking about puberty and she asked me what those machines were in the bathrooms. She said she thought they were candy machines and almost spent her quarter on one - wouldn't that have been a surprise!!

  3. Nice Cyndi! Yes, that is the book! I think I want to get it as well :)

  4. Vanessa-

    I hate to say it but the Judy Blume book is how I learned about periods in the first place!

    Ask Robb if he ever called tampons "Beach Whistles" :)


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